Inside the May/June 2018 Edition of US Lacrosse Magazine

Inside the May/June 2018 Edition of US Lacrosse Magazine
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Redemption is the buzz word as the U.S. men’s national team embarks on a journey to the Middle East in its quest to recapture the world championship. The U.S., which lost to Canada in the 2014 FIL Men’s World Championship final on home soil in Denver, will compete among 48 countries July 21-28, when the quadrennial event comes to the Mediterranean resort city of Netanya, Israel.

The May/June edition of US Lacrosse Magazine includes 14 pages of features devoted to Team USA, including our cover story on the mentor-protégé tandem of faceoff specialists Greg Gurenlian and Trevor Baptiste, a dive into the unique blend of personalities that comprise the U.S. defense, the most popular answers of our Team USA player survey and a close-up look at the U.S. gear and swag.

Also in this edition, we hop aboard the Dane Train for a look inside the unique culture (starting with coach Scott Marr) that has made the always-entertaining Albany men’s lacrosse team a perennial contender, learn more about the competitive fire that burns beneath North Carolina star Marie McCool’s bubbly surface, and examine the impact of US Lacrosse with eight regionally targeted stories.

On the Cover
Photos by Marc Piscotty and Matt Furman

Faceoff specialists Trevor Baptiste, 21, and Greg Gurenlian, 34, are the youngest and oldest players on Team USA, respectively, and likely roomates fo the FIL World Championship this summer in Israel. Look for the story on next week. In the meantime, enjoy this video from US Lacrosse’s s “Under the Helmet” series, presented by Cascade.

Letter from the Editor
By Matt DaSilva

Can’t Stop Now

Our April edition, featuring first-person narratives of nine black lacrosse players struggling with their identity in a predominantly white sport, is engendering all sorts of feedback. Not everyone loves that we put our sport’s racial issues in such plain sight.

Matt DaSilva
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Dane Dream Believer
By Gary Lambrecht

As Albany races toward May in pursuit of a final four breakthrough, it remains a reflection of the calm, cool, loose and loving coach leading the way.

Mass Attention
By Jonathan Sigal

How the Massachusetts Bay Girls Lacrosse League is growing the game in the Bay State. (Northeast Edition)

Better Together
By Jonathan Sigal

A Potomac Chapter preseason event shows the power of collaboration. (Western Mid-Atlantic Edition)

Creating the Spark
By Justin Feil

Delbarton (N.J.) freshman Matt Facchine launches Community Lacrosse. (Eastern Mid-Atlantic Edition)

The Right Way to Grow the Game
By Paul Ohanian

How lacrosse gained footing in the mountains of western North Carolina. (Southeast Edition)

Box or Bust
By Megan Schneider

Former Ohio State stars Greg Bice and Anthony Kelly bring elite indoor lacrosse to Columbus. (Midwest Edition)


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Gateway to the Sport
By Maureen Cromer

US Lacrosse stages Coach Development Program and TryLax clinics in St. Louis. (Southwest Edition)

School Choice
By Paul Krome

Cathy Reed’s efforts to introduce lacrosse to Sacramento students pay dividends for youth leagues. (Pacific Northwest Edition)

The Heart of Chula Vista
By Matt Hamilton and Mason Perricone

Just miles from the Mexican border in Southern California, kids fall in love with lacrosse. (Northeast Edition)

The Real McCool
By Matt White

Equal parts friendly and fierce, UNC and Team USA standout Marie McCool can take over a game at a moment’s notice. You’ve been warned.

The Master and the Apprentice
By Corey McLaughlin

Before Greg Gurenlian formally passes the torch to Trevor Baptiste, the grizzled veteran and hotshot rookie team up for Team USA.

The Faceless Men
By Matt DaSilva

Cerebral and ruthless, the U.S. defense prepares for another showdown with Canada.

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Ten Times the Fun
By Paul Krome

Still a draw for the best teams, the US Lacrosse Nationals has fueled positive change among youth tournaments nationwide.

Beyond D-I
By Christina Ferrara | Trilogy Lacrosse

Options abound. Make the right choice for you.

Impressions: Faces and Voices

The release of our April edition, featuring the stories of nine people of color struggling with their identity as lacrosse players, brought a flood of feedback from members and fans. Here’s what you had to say.

The National Championship of Giving

The HEADstrong Foundation is launching National Lax-Off Against Cancer.

Give & Go

Tom Kennedy
Interview by Megan Schneider

Bryant’s football and lacrosse star embraces his Long Island roots.

Short Summary: 
The edition includes 14 pages of features devoted to Team USA, which hopes to regain gold in Israel.