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We Are Different!

Spark Lacrosse Training has a passion for providing athletes with the proper tools to develop and reach their full potential. We thrive on helping players define their "competitive edge" by finding what motivates them and makes them different from the other players.

We are here to teach the proper form for every skill. It is important for players to master the fundamentals, and grow from there.

Throughout training, players will learn drills that are game-like, high-energy and innovative.  We understand that every player is different, and therefore may need to be coached differently. We help players find that "spark."

Chuck may not only serve as a teacher but as a mentor for the players. As a natural and passionate leader,  Chuck's goal is to help players improve their lacrosse skills and abilities, and also to mature in understand their role on the field in relation to the entire team.

Dedicated players can take their game to the next level.
Beginners can learn the skills and become game-ready.

Individual Lessons

This one-on-one training environment allows the athlete to get individual attention and feedback. It is strongly recommended for players that want to take their game to the next level. Apart from the physical challenges of lacrosse, there is a strong mental component, and the private training environment helps players master it. This personalized instruction is designed to improve the player’s lacrosse skill, speed, form, and confidence.


Group Coaching

This style of training serves as a great opportunity for players to work on both their individual skills and their teamwork on the field. Some aspects of lacrosse (off-ball movement, 1v1s, double-teaming, draw control, etc.) are easier to understand and conquer when there are multiple players working together.

Lacrosse 101

This style of training serves as a great opportunity for those with little or no knowledge about the sport. Lacrosse 101 is geared towards beginners who want to learn the basics. The emphasis is on drills, footwork, and sticks skills. In addition, emphasis will be placed on how to prepare to try out for the team of their choice.

1 player – $375 per player* for 8 sessions (60 minutes per session)

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